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Building Survey Report

A comprehensive, tailored report, including a structural survey of visible and potential problems. This report is designed for large, older or unique properties. Recommended for properties where there are known or suspected defects to be addressed, or where structral alterations and changes have previously been carried out. Specific advice can also be provided upon request where signficant refurbishment and alterations works are planned.

This service includes:

  • diagnosis of defects, and detailed advice on repairs and maintenance 
  • a full description of the condition and construction of each element of the property
  • detailed section on strucutral movement
  • an overall assessment, including an overall opinion and a summary of condition, repairs and suggested further investigations
  • optional market valaution (addtional service)
  • optional insurance rebuild cost calculation for insurance pruposes (addtional service)

This service excludes:

  • a market valuation or reinstatement cost, unless agreed as an additional service
  • estimates of repair costs